Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Angeli-copter / Angelicopter (Photos) on Magic 89.9 Temporary Replacement for Grace Lee

Magic 89.9 guest dj Angelica aka Angeli-copter / Angelicopter.

I was listening to Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee this morning and was a little surprised that Grace Lee wasn't on board due to an injury. Instead it was a girl they called Angeli-copter. At first I thought, maybe just a dj from other time slot. But when Mo started to describe her, stands 5'7, thin and looks like Andi Manzano and Stella Ruiz, I got a little intrigued.

And what's more interesting is where she got her name Angeli-copter. According to Mo, she once called the show saying if her husband opens the car door for her, he'd surely get a helicopter'. Yes, we're talking of 'that' specific position.

I was so intrigued that I searched this Angeli-copter photos so that you may also relate. She's hot, I must say. But sadly, already married with child. MILF!

Name: Angelika Schmeing-Cruz

Twitter: @a_schmeing

Height: 5'7 (no heels) Age: 26

Occupation: Head of Strategic Marketing, Land Rover Philippines.

College: University of Asia and Pacific (Political Economy/Int'l Relations)

3 more photos of Angeli-copter / Angelicopter inside ->

Angelicopter photo

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